Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Disarray. This is how we've been living for the past three days. No sink. No stove. No washing dishes. We've been living on peanut butter and jelly and chicken nuggets, but soon we'll have a beautifully complete kitchen to cook fabulous meals (if a nicer kitchen means I'll somehow become a better cook). Anyway, tonight the tiles are laid out and ready to be put in place tomorrow. It's coming along just beautifully and I am eagerly anticipating the end result. Tomorrow I get to choose a backsplash and maybe a new faucet. We'll see how it goes.
Today we have reached week thirty in the progression of our girl baby. She's rumbling around a lot and seems to be having a great time in there.
Ike woke up with a nice fever and later on this afternoon we noticed his eye has caught a cold of its own. Nevertheless, he is still himself -- running and jumping and conquering.

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Jordan said...

I'm SURE that having a nice kitchen automatically makes you, like, a world-class chef :) Not that you need any help! You make the best alfredo that I've ever had!!! (Yay--I finally figured out how to leave comments!)