Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

Our activity of the day was building a fort. Ike loved it and spent hours in there playing with various toys and eating snacks. Now that the day is winding down, his anxious little hands were found gently tearing wrapping paper so he could have a peek inside. The sooner Christmas arrives the better! Fort building and other activities are no longer a very good distraction from all the presents that have been accumulating under the tree. He keeps asking with wide-eyed anticipation if each day is Christmas.

I bought a couple of presents for Ike to give to Bill and what a time we had wrapping them. They are covered in crumpled tape (most of which doesn't cover the seams in the paper). I also had him sign his name on the tags as well. Oh, yes, and lets not forget how much fun he had cutting the paper! After cutting all the thread in my sewing basket, tags off of the couch, and holes in our nice sheets, he knows he's really lucky to hold sissors at all. Just participating in ANY Christmas activity brings such a glow of joy to his face.

We hope everyone else is having as much fun as we are preparing for this wonderful holiday!

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