Saturday, December 8, 2007

Busy Little Boy

Bill bought me a new camera for Christmas, but I've been using it so I will have the thing figured out by the time Christmas comes. Tonight he's going to have to show me how to put pictures on the computer so I can put some on the blog. So far I've learned how to take a picture and how to zoom . . . there is so much more to learn.

The other day Bill took Ike to the police station to check his schedule. Ike was very polite and shook everyone's hand without being prompted to do so. He also made small talk with everyone and told each of them that Baby Jesus was born in a barn. I think he also made mention that there was a train there too:) We'll have to read the story a few times before everything gets straightened out and fully understood.

Yesterday I noticed that the bag of candy in the pantry was getting rather low. I'm pregnant and have cravings, but i just couldn't believe that I'd eaten so many. Truth revealed itself later on in the day when I noticed Ike had stuffed his Advent Calendar to the brink with chocolates. That boy knows how to stock the calendar better than I do.

On Thursday night Aunt Michelle invited Ike over to bake Christmas cookies with her other nieces and nephew. Ike jumped right into the decorating and poured the bowls of sprinkles on his cookies. There wasn't much left over for the other kids . . . .

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