Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Flu Bug

Poor Isaac caught the flu bug that Daddy had last week. He's been achy and laying around the past couple of days. Last night his fever was bad and he was all "goosebumpy." He's up today playing with his trains for a few minutes and laying around in between train playing. He was excited to go to the doctor this morning and as we left the doctor he said "I'm all better, Mommy."

The doctor gave us lots of good ideas for helping boost Ike's immune system and for me to keep from getting the flu. Ike likes salsa so I'll be serving up salsa and chips for dinner tonight with extra garlic! Garlic is good for the flu and preventing it! Bring on the ginger, vitamin C, and cayanne pepper! There are just SO many ways to help boost an immune system! I need to remember to take a notebook next time we go visit the doctor! He's just full of information.

Kate was kicking a lot last night and I had many irregular contractions. We're hoping she stays in a little while longer -- we've got to make sure we are over this flu bug!!!

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