Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Making Art in the Kitchen

This is a GREAT book! Not only does it make a beautiful decoration for the coffee table, but it's so inspiring on the inside! It will take about an hour to read through (it's filled with pictures and apron patterns) and it will make you really want to embrace your domestic side. There are lots of stories about what people remember about the person who wore these beautiful and often simple aprons. So strap on your apron (or find one, make one, buy one, or collect them) and start cooking! After all, loving memories often start in the kitchen!
In our house growing up, winter was my favorite season! My Mom would wear her apron from Germany (not all the time) and she'd make all sorts of soups and fresh homemade wheat bread. Often times this is what we came home to after school. What a treat! Usually along with the fresh bread, she'd also cook up some cinnamon sticky buns. Amazing!

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