Monday, February 4, 2008

Life is Beautiful

Ike decorating the table.
Tasting his chocolate that Grandma brought him from Hawaii! Loved it!
Grandma brought Kate back this dress from Hawaii.

As I sit down tonight to write, it feels more like my time to sit and rest. We've had a productive day: the pot roast is in the oven filling our home with an amazing aroma, Isaac is sqeeling with delight playing with his trains, the dish washer and washing machine are helping me keep up with the housework, and we have the anticipation of company for dinner tonight. Life is just BEAUTIFUL.

My belly is still large and tight, but brings such a peaceful contentment and joy. We might be waiting for Baby Kate's arrival for a while longer, but don't think I haven't tried the castor oil:) I took a nice sizeable dose this morning and have had a few contractions, but nothing consistent. It would have been a fun day to have a baby today as my Great Grandmother Garnet was born on February 4th and would have been 98 today! However, we'll wait patiently as we really have no other choice:)

My Mom stopped by with gifts for Baby and Isaac. Kate got three new outfits and Ike is LOVING the chocolates! She sure knows how to spoil the grandkids!

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