Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sleepy Kate

We've been really lucky with how great a baby Kate is! She wakes up at night making cute little noises and I try to feed her fast before she gets a chance to really tell me what's on her mind! She's just been a complete joy and we are SO happy that she is here.

Ike is a doting big brother. He loves to hold her and talk to her, but lately his favorite thing is giving her rides in the swing. Grandma Linda brought one over for her a couple days ago so it's the latest new toy for Ike. Supervised, he gets to push the buttons on her swing. She gets to go all different speeds in one ride:) He also likes to turn the music on the swing for her.

Bill is LOVING his baby girl. She gets affectionately called "Princess" from him and he does anything she needs. He's also been WONDERFUL around here. If we need to get something, he'll run to the store. If we need something fixed, he'll fix it. I think he's running out of things to do around here. He's keeping the house nice and tidy which is so much appreciated.

I am recovering nicely. Walking is a little challenging and I'll make great use of the doughnut pillow for the next couple weeks, but other than that, I feel great!

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Jordan said...

I'm so glad you guys are doing so well! She's a beautiful baby--I'll have to get over there soon and see her again!