Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Has Begun!

This morning Ike walked in whispering, "I opened door number one and found a treat!" He held out his chocolate as if it were something quite breakable. He couldn't stop talking about it so I took him out of the room (Bill was on early Kate duty so he had just gone back to bed).

"Oh, did you find the paper in the calendar too?"

"Yes!" he giggled. Obviously the paper wasn't too important since he left it in there.

I took him back to the calendar and read what the paper said, "Go see a movie with Daddy."

His face totally lit up and he's been carrying his little message around all morning. Now he has to wait around for Bill to get up:) Oh, the anticipation is almost more than he can stand.

I hope your first day of Advent celebration started out with a bang! I'd love to hear about it!


The Brooks said...

I started crying when I read this blog. I don't know if it was the blog or the music. Anyway, I can just see him all excited and happy.

Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

Michelle--is there something that you aren't telling us??

Vicki Parramore said...

What song was playing?:) Children's enthusiasm is one of the most beautiful things about the holiday:)