Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doll Buggy . . . and so Much More!

Kate got this pram for her baby dolls for Christmas, but seeing as she can't walk yet nor reach the handle bar, it's really not interesting to her. However, Ike and his buddy Wyatt have found great ways to use the buggy. They load it up with trains, cars, trucks, etc. and take their toys with them from room to room. They push it as hard as they can and test if it can withstand crashing into walls (which I had to put a stop to even though the giggles were priceless). I must say, I would have never thought a buggy would interest the boys. However, I would have never thought of crashing it into walls, blocking Kate from coming into an off limit space, hauling all my "treasures," ramming it into a tower of blocks, have it be the monster that crushes the little cars, and whatever else they've imagined this once girly toy into being. Anyway, it IS Kate's pram whether she cares or not. So in order to have it still be usable for the not so distant future, I'm going to have to put this toy away for a while.


The Brooks said...

Love the look on Kate's face. It's priceless.

Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

That is quite the pram :)