Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mommy/Daddy Day

If I suggested a Mom day once a month, would anyone be interested? How about a Saturday a month we meet together (kids welcome) where we bring a treat, bring a simple project (if wanted), and bring your own cup of coffee. I am going to take a chance here, and volunteer Michelle's house for this monthly (or bi-monthly) mommy meeting (sorry I tried to call you, but . . .). Anyway, with the playroom and large backyard, it just seems more fitting than cramming us into my "cozy" little home:) We could always mix it up a little.

I know the husbands are up for getting out as well:) I've heard mention of them wanting to get out while we get together. Movies, lunch, or a golf game is on the list of things they would like to do (I'm sure). SO if you want to, leave me your feedback here or e-mail me (wickiwoo25@yahoo.com) on what Saturday of the month would work best and what time. The majority wins;)

My Mom does this with her friends in the form of elaborate tea parties once a month and they have a fabulous time. Well, we'll save the foof for when the kids are grown. Heck! For now it would just be fun to see everyone and catch up!


Jordan said...

That sounds great to me! Whatever saturday works. Can't wait!

Michael and Cristi said...

Cool! I'm up for that. For January I'm good every Sat except the 24th. Got a 5 year olds b-day that day! About what time are we looking at?

Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

I wish I could come... :(