Thursday, August 21, 2008

Honesty is the Best Policy

I had a good laugh when I read about three-year-old Kylie telling her Mommy that she thought she was going to have another baby. How cute that was! However, when your own kid tells you, it's not so funny:)

I was busy doing normal household duties when little Ike's eyes lit up and he came smiling toward me. He put his hands gently on my tummy and began patting. "You have a boy baby in your tummy, Mommy?"

Let me tell you, I am motivated! I have the latest issue of Women's Health and have started doing the "Flat Sexy Abs in Just Two Weeks!" workout. For those who know me, know that realistically two weeks won't be nearly enough . . . And I just have one question: can one really have "flat sexy abs" with stretch marks? I probably won't ever know! Whatever. Those babies are worth every stretch mark and additional "curves"!


Nicole said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's kids are torturing me!! You are just perfect!! I was thinking maybe when the kids start school we could go for a walk or something. I have high hopes so we'll see what happens

Vicki said...

I'm all for that! Let me know when school starts! Bill is home in the mornings so I'm all for a morning walk!