Saturday, August 2, 2008

How Do I Know He Loves Me?

Well, I don't know about your husband, but there are chores around the house that my husband really doesn't enjoy. There aren't very many mind you . . . mostly he really doesn't like to fold the laundry. However, the other day he let me sleep in (until almost one o'clock) and when I finally found my way out of bed, I woke up to find him tackling my mountain of laundry. Ahhh, he loves me! So what's a girl to do to show her man she loves him too? Make him a special dinner of course! Here's a picture of the lovely dinner I made for him -- crab cakes for my Marvelous Maryland Man and other things he likes! Now if only he didn't have to unexpectedly work four hours of overtime last night . . . they probably would have tasted better fresh out of the frying pan. Oh, well! He appreciated my efforts anyway and knows that I love him too.

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Nicole said...

Man there must be something in the air because I came home from work today and the ENTIRE house was clean! The floors were swept and mopped. Laundry folded, bedrooms, and bathrooms were clean too!!! He even put new wax in the warmer so it smelt good when I walked in! I was SO thrilled I was ready to go out and do something fun since I didn't have to clean house!! He told me he was tired and ready for a nap! hehehe