Friday, August 15, 2008

Is Tactfulness Overrated?

The other day when I mentioned about my trip to Walmart, I failed to mention the highlight of our adventure. Quite frankly it was because I was a little embarrassed, but now I see things a little differently.

While I was in the store trying to keep my three year old's curious little hands off of everything, you could say I was a little preoccupied with my own children to notice what was going on around me. However, there was no way I could help but hear a nearby granny scolding her small granddaughter -- half of the store could hear her. She was quite a bit more obnoxious than the tired tot. I pushed my cart around her as Ike stared in disbelief -- I think I may have stared in shock as well. Anyway, I carried on minding my own business and kept on pushing my cart around the produce section. I had to keep backtracking since I kept missing stuff on my list so we passed the cranky granny a few times. Around the third time we passed her, Ike furrowed his eyebrows and his eyes followed suit as they squinted, but still looked straight at granny. His stubby little nose wrinkled and his arm went out strait in front of him. His small but very firm pointer finger was aimed directly at granny and out came the honest words in his deep manly voice, "Stop it, bad guy!" I responded quickly and unfortunately a bit embarrassed as I put his arm down and told him it was not polite to point.

Thinking back, as I have been doing since our little trip, I am more proud of him than anything. I wish I was as bold and honest as he is. Bold? Check. Honest? Check. Courageous? Check. Tactful? We'll be working on it! I am so glad someone got granny to shush. We didn't hear another peep from her and we were there for a long time!

So here's a friendly reminder, treat those kids with kindness and love or you may make a good example of what not to be like and end up on someone's blog:)


Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

GO ISAAC!!! I love it.

Nicole said...

Great story!!! Don't kids have this great "insite" ? It's like when they say infants can feel when you're tense. I believe little ones know too!!!

C.L. said...

That's awesome! My boys have imparted so much wisdom in their life times...I just hope they maintain the thoughtfulness and joy that they sustain right now. Give Isaac a big hug for me and tell him he is great :)