Friday, April 25, 2008

All the little children!

My cozy little house was filled to the brink with pitter patter and joyful chatter today! I got to enjoy the company of four children at once:) I just follow them around and watch how much fun they have together. They will include me every once in a while, but mostly just for fixing toys and opening their juice box straws.

Since Bill has been out of town for the past week, the grass has gotten a little out of hand. However, the kids were delighted with the overgrown landscaping and thought they were helping by pulling it out. How sweet are they!

Bill is heading home today and we'll have a nice long weekend together. He was out of town for "defensive tactics" training so he'll know how to defend himself better when he's on patrol. We are thankful that he will be better equipped for work, but we are more than ready to have him home.

I am so blessed to have family in town to keep me company while Bill is gone. My sister came over to give me some "grown up girl time" and she came bearing coffee. We really enjoy sitting around, chatting, and cuddling with the little ones so why not do that together?

Since Ike is three we give him a pretty simple description of what his daddy does: keep the bad guys off the street. So the other day when Aunt Michelle was leaving, Isaac warned her to be careful of the bad guys on the streets! He knows he's not supposed to go in the street so his idea of "bad guys" is anyone who might be in the street. He loves his Aunt and wants to make sure she is safe and therefore needs to warn her.

Well, I now have just three kids here and all of them are sound asleep. I think I'll go read my book!

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