Saturday, April 12, 2008

Silly Stories

Ike's cousin Kailey came over to play yesterday evening. They got into a bit of mischief so I put them in "time out" chairs so I could clean the mess while their little hands couldn't get into any more trouble. While in time out, Kailey was trying to tell me that her throat hurt. I told her I couldn't talk to her until she was out of time out, but she persisted. I then told her to tell the door she was faced against. Of course she looked at me with questioning all over her face, but when I was out of site I heard her sweet little voice. "Door," she said matter-of-factly, "my throat is really sore."

Bill and I were able to sleep in this morning. Someone else was not sleeping though. When Bill and I finally climbed out of bed we braced ourselves for the worst -- flood, broken windows, disheveled pantry shelves, etc. What we found was a little boy enjoying his second ice cream cone! He had pulled his little chair over to the refrigerator, pulled out the ice cream cones, unwrapped them, and helped himself. He was in heaven. Bill and I had a good laugh and were thankful the walls were still standing.

Ike knows he's not supposed to climb on the kitchen counters. When his toy got out of reach on the counter I heard his low voice sadly say, "Sorry, Mommy." He was apologizing for what he was about to do -- climb on the counter!

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