Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jammie Ride!

It's official! We had our very first "jammie ride" last night!
Bill tucked Ike in bed around 7:00 while at the Brooks' household they were doing the same thing with Ike's cousin, Kailey (jammie rides are lots of fun if cousins are involved). A few minutes later Bill and I stood in front of Ike's door to find him playing under his covers so he didn't see us right away. When he finally surfaced from the covers, we excitedly annouced, "Jammie Ride!" He looked at us with delight sparkling in his eyes, yet not knowing exactly what sort of adventure he was in for. Hey! He was happy just to be able to get out of bed! He was all smiles and laughter, as we piled our little family into the truck.
The drive to Dairy Queen was a long one for a little boy awaiting the unknown! Once we arrived and announced we were having ice cream, he giggled and instantly chose strawberry. We didn't stop there with the surprise though. It just so happens that Great Grandma June's house is very close to our ice cream stop so we headed over for a visit with her. Not only was Grandma there, but cousin Kailey, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jeff were there with their jammie ride desserts. We all sat around and ate ice cream and the kids got to stay up a little later to play.
We can't wait for another jammie ride. They are too much fun!