Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do You Believe in Magic?

Our home is truly a magical place! I always knew it was special, but today I realized just how enchanted our home really is.

This afternoon, out of no where I saw one of the toy dinasaurs fly! It flew up, up, up! Straight into the ceiling fan and shot straight into the computer (don't worry Dad, it was the old computer:). Our fan makes a strange noise now, but it will only remind us that dinasaurs fly -- around here anyway! After the loud landing this dinasaur made I looked quickly to Isaac. He too witnessed the flight! His eyes were sparkling with delight! So beware of flying objects if you dare to enter our home as I am sure there will be many more encounters!

Several other mystical things have been going on around here. For instance, many picture frames were scattered about, coasters were found on the floor of all places, my diswasher door has an unusual squeak . . . it's as if a three year old tried standing on it. Hmm, you would think I had five three-year-olds running about today!

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