Thursday, March 6, 2008


What a day! Bill helped me out this morning and cleaned the house to give me a head start on the day. He scrubbed toilets, counters, mirrors and made all the beds in the house. He didn't stop there though! He vacuumed the house and cleaned the kitchen! How lovely! He's just so easy to love and appreciate.

All that cleaning he did gave me time to relax and hold our baby Kate. Isaac sat in to snuggle with us too! He only wants to snuggle for a little while though -- when the door is open to the backyard it's hard for him to stay seated for very long. I also enjoyed a visit from our next door neighbor Phyllis. She came over to hold the baby and chat a while. She's a busy 84 year old so she only stayed a short while before she was off and running again.

I enjoyed phone calls from both of my sisters today and one from cousin Cristi. I guess I did my fair share of chatting today.

Well, I must go prepare dinner for my wonderful family!

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