Sunday, March 30, 2008

Endless Bliss

Spring is here so I've been busy sprucing up our palace by painting the walls a nice "crab apple" color. It's really warming the house up! I negotiated a bit of a treaty with Bill -- I paint the edges and trim and he will use the roller once I'm finished. It's already looking much better and cleaner in here!

Bill is out protecting the kingdom from the "bad guys." His wound from an encounter last week is healing up nicely and the stitches will soon be removed.

Prince Isaac has been keeping our quarters safe and protected from trolls and other vicious beasts. He runs around the house with his sword (an attachment to the vacuum cleaner since his foam sword from Aunt Heidi broke) and scolds and conquers the foul monsters (as far as I can tell). I feel quite safe around here!

And Sleeping Beauty . . . well, she sleeps the day away of course.

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