Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

It seems that every time I sit down to write a new post someone needs a little love and attention. There are Isaac stories to listen to, "boo boos" that need to be kissed, juice cups to fill, backs that need patting, stories to read, alphabet letters to practice, praise to be given, and lets not forget the diapers that need changing. I am certain that these are some of the most beautiful moments in life and I sure am grateful for all the wonderful memories I get to make with my kids.

We've trasitioned quite wonderfully to life with our new addition. She's just amazing and since newborns just sleep and sleep I have been able to keep things in order here -- most of the time! I've made some new recipes that include seafood enchiladas! I'll try to post the recipe with a picture the next time I make it.

Yesterday we had some of my favorite people over for a lunch party. My Grandmother came with her delightful friend Lester (Lester is a woman) who is in town from Canada. My Mom and her husband Roger came as well as my sister and her little girl. Everyone came bearing gifts for little Kate. Mom brought five -- yes, FIVE -- new blankets that she made. They are BEAUTIFUL and she made them in different colors to match Kate's adorable outfits. This little girl will never get cold! Grandma, Lester, Michelle, and Kailey came straight from shopping and brought her a photo album and a sweet dress.

For our lunch party I made my favorite casserole -- baked chicken alfredo. Again, I'll have to take a picture and post the recipe. It's quite simple and never fails to be absolutely delicious! Bill was sweet and made fancy coffee drinks for us to enjoy over a few card games. YUM! We do like our coffee around here!

I must say that the weather here is working in my favor. It's been just beautiful out and Isaac has been able to spend hours on end outside. Why does this work in my favor? Well, it keeps the house a little more tidy. Now the flower bed is getting quite disturbed by all the digging, but dirt brings so much joy to his face that we just don't mind. Flower beds can be fixed and a sandbox can be bought!

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