Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's in a Name

We have been asked quite frequently if, why, and how Kate got her name. So here's the scoop!

Kate -- It means "pure" which I just love. Also when my Dad was sick and spent some time in the hospital, he had this sweet nurse who had the name. She had so many attributes that we hope to teach our own dear Kate -- patience, understanding, gentle, and loving.

Adelynn -- it means "noble" which is another beautiful attribute that we really want her to take on. In a round about way, I also wanted a name that represented people that I just love and adore -- my sisters. Heidi is my sisters name and it means "noble" as well. Also Heidi is short for Adelaide and that is where we get the "Adel" part of the name. Now "Lynn" is my sister Michelle's middle name.

May is for Bill's lovely Grandmother who we both just admire and we really hope that Kate is just as lovely, gentle, and kind.

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