Monday, March 17, 2008

Finding Treasures

I love all things shabby and old. It's a good style to love when you have young children -- one more scratch on them just adds to the charm!

A couple of years ago Bill and I were out at an antique store and he found this coffee table that he knew I would love. Knowing he had found something special, he had me come over to look at it. As Valentine's Day was approaching, he asked if I would like to have it. I must have had a "pretty please!" look on my face because he did buy it for me. Now it sets in our living room and since it was a Valentine's Day gift, I place the Valentine's cards and notes from him in here along with other special letters and pictures. It's a great conversation piece as well as a great place to kick your feet up!

So have fun decorating your home and making it lovely and personal.

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