Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise

Last night I passed Ike's room and peeked in to see if he had fallen asleep. He was indeed sleeping so I tip toed in and kissed his soft cheeks, stood there for a moment admiring my favorite boy, and reflected on how much fun we had throughout the day.

Ike is so sweet and thoughtful. Now that the sun is shining and everything is turning green, he scouts out the newest dandilion blossoms daily and proudly presents them to me. I always thank him excessively for the sweet gesture and we put them in a vase or bowl (depending if he got stems or not). I never knew these yellow flowers would brighten my day so much. From here on out every time I see a dandilion there will be a smile on my face as I reflect on how wonderful my sweet boy is.

Holding Kate is something Isaac really likes to do. However, since I am breastfeeding, Ike has a fear that when Kate leans into him she is going to eat him. He panics a little bit and wants me to hold her instead. If she has her "finky" in her mouth then he's okay;)

Our little Kate is two months old. She's now cooing and often sharing her sweet smile with us. Of course we are like every other parent in this department -- proud and delighted. She is just a bundle of joy and comfort. There is nothing like the innocence of a child and holding a baby close brings the most peace a human heart could ever know. We are just bursting at the seams with love for our dear little ones!

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The Brooks said...

Love the flowers : ) Love the thought the kids put into them.