Sunday, April 20, 2008


My son is three. He's at the age of such pure innocence and carefree living. So today when he asked politely with his eyes so full of hope, "Dance with me Mommy?" how could I resist? I stopped whatever household activity I was in the middle of and danced with my darling boy. He spinned me around and we swayed back and forth. The joy on his face and the giggles of delight were just priceless. When we finished our dance I thanked him. As I was walking away he shouted, "Princess, come back!"

Today I got to play Cinderella and dance the night away . . . at least until Ike's bedtime. My home is suffering from a bit of neglect, but my heart is filled with love for that chubby cheeked little man!

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Jordan said...

Wow, what a sweet story. You are lucky to have a real life prince in your house!!! We should all be so lucky :)