Friday, November 28, 2008

Advent Activities

Here's our Advent calendar activity list. I try to go by it but sometimes (with our crazy schedule and the bustle of the season) we have to adjust it:) Hopefully this will give you some good ideas on celebrating the holiday!

1. Take Isaac to go see the movie Bolt
2. Christmas snowflakes
3. Pillow Pile
4. Christmas Box
5. Color Christmas Picture
6. Make the gingerbread house
7. Small Sunday gift
8. Jammie Ride
9. Treat
10. Bake cookies
11. Deliver cookies
12. Cookies for breakfast
13. Treat
14. Sunday gift
15. Christmas movie and popcorn
16. Treat
17. Treat
18. Make Christmas present tags
19. Christmas lights (where we'll drive around at night and look at all the lights)
20. Deliver joy to a friend
21. Sunday gift
22. Game night
23. Treat
24. Put presents under the tree

Now I've filled in "treat" where my mind goes blank. Hopefully I'll figure out some other things to do. When Kate is older, I'll make a fingernail polish night and a day where we set the table as fancy as we can. Anyway, if you have trouble thinking of ideas, try thinking of all the things that you don't allow your kids to do (i.e. cookies for breakfast or staying up after bedtime to go out for ice cream). The "do nots" usually make for some spectacular fun!


The Brooks said...

We are going to the Ballet on the 13th. An idea for Kate later on: )

Jamie said...

I LOVE your ideas!! I just bought an advent calendar today. I'm so excited to start the new tradition with the girls! Thanks :)

shannon said...

Thanks for the ideas! I can use some of them with my niece. She is so busy, this will give me things to do! :)

Vicki Parramore said...

OOooh! You are going to have so much fun! It's my favorite tradition by far! Also, I have a link to a blog named Audrey (in my friends and favorites list)and if you click on it, she has a post about her favorite tradition -- Elf on a Shelf. She also asked other people what their favorite traditions were and she got over 400 responses. There are some great ideas if you want to check it out!