Friday, November 14, 2008

Ike's Perspective

This morning I woke up to Ike's excited little voice announcing, "The sun is working again!"


Isaac was especially -- well, being quite boyish -- while I was putting groceries away. He would announce himself "Isaac Paddamo!" and jump off the chair -- over and over again. When I finally took a moment to stop in and make sure the activity wasn't too dangerous, he raised his hand to me and announced in a deep tone, "Mommy Paddamo!" And off the chair he jumped. How fun to be announced to an imaginary audience!


S.May said...

He will be a great actor in the theatre and bring audiences to laughter and to tears. :D

Jordan said...

oh I love it!!! nothing better than being mommy paddamo, and nothing better than being so wonderful he wants to introduce you to his audience :)