Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good (Maybe Great) Idea!

When we were little, my Aunt Ruth would get out her journal and read to us all the silly little things her children said. We LOVED it! We'd giggle and laugh so much.

Well, the other day, my sister Michelle brought her laptop over and showed me the little book she was making of all the silly things her daughter has said (thus far). She's making it from this AMAZING website called (though there are many choices out there). Anyway, she's put many pictures and all the funny sayings are printed in it! It's SO cute! Imagine how much fun little Kailey is going to have when she gets to read it! Anyway, on top of how special it will be to have a collection of such precious little memories, it would make a SPECTACULAR Christmas present for grandparents! Just a thought!

Anyway, my sister Heidi and I both made baby books with this website and the results were high quality, hardback books! WE LOVE THIS SITE!

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