Sunday, November 9, 2008


"Watch out, Ike. I don't want you to fall down and hit your head."

Cute response, "Yeah! I don't want to pook again!"

Ike is feeling much better after his concussion yesterday afternoon. He's been loving the extra bit of attention he's been getting!

Yesterday afternoon while I was sitting in on my grandmother's funeral, Ike was out playing with the other kids. He was kicking a ball around the gym and fell hard on his head. I heard him crying (from in the service) so I exited quickly. Jeff drove us home quickly and I laid Ike down to rest. He was miserable and wouldn't stop throwing up so we knew something was indeed not right. Jeff called dispatch, who called an on duty officer to find Bill (he was in training and did not have his cell or work phone on). He came charging home and took us straight way to the hospital.

The hospital workers know Bill well. He's there a lot getting people medically cleared before he escorts them to the jail. He's also been in for his own minor, job-related injuries. They were so incredibly wonderful and gentle with our Ike. The doctor told us they would be praying for him, they gave him LOTS of stickers, an ice cream certificate, and lots of tender loving care (along with lots of "stings"). I missed the doctor's call today, but he left a nice message to ask about how our big guy is doing. HOW NICE IS THAT? I have to say I was quite impressed with the care Ike received. (Also a group of peace officers showed up (regarding business) and Ike thought they all showed up for him) Grandma Linda also rushed down (much to Ike's delight and my relief) and brought Ike his favorite toy. My arms needed a much needed break from our growing little lady.

Today Ike's been taking it easy. He's been playing "Mario Wii Wooo Hooo" a lot and watching movies. I've been trying to get the active child to take it easy, but of course "taking it easy" is not something that comes naturally to him -- AT ALL.


Nicole said...

You must have had Dr. Davis?? I just LOVE the doctors there. That hospital is so different from Richlands. I think they care so much for their patients and aren't worried about how much money they are getting. I wish you would have called me! I would have taken Kate for you. I'm glad Ike is doing better. Those are rough days! Let me know if I can help!! You need Aflac :)

Jordan said...

oh no! Poor Isaac. I hope he is feeling better! We hope to be able to see you guys soon...miss you SOOOOO MUCH!!!

Vicki Parramore said...

Thanks, Nicole. She's totally easy to tote around except for how heavy she is.

Jordi, we miss you guys too! Ike's feeling much better!