Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Memory Making

With the very first paycheck I ever got, I bought myself a set of china. I was young (stubborn) and had "decided" that I wouldn't marry and therefore would need to start collecting things I would need when i moved out. Instead, I would live with my sister (who had also decided against marriage), have a dog, and drive a Dodge Ram. Okay, so it may sound crazy, but like I said, I was "young". Well, my life has taken a different direction (much to my delight) and I find myself happily married, two kids, no dog, and a Chevy truck.

Although I already had china, technically it's not wedding china. So a few weeks ago my Grandmother asked me if I would like to have her wedding china. Seriously!!! I am not sure if my jaw hit the floor or not, but I am sure it at least came close. I've always loved her china, and secretly enjoyed eating off of the plates more than actually eating what was on the plates. They are that lovely.

Well, these dishes have been on display for a few weeks in the china cabinet. So far I haven't used them, but I do walk by the cabinet and smile as I look at the delicate set. It isn't just china, there are a lot of memories with this set. I do so love enjoying things with memories and stories behind them. I am really looking forward to making many more memories with them.


Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

We've come a long way... :)

Vicki Parramore said...

Hahaha. We've been blessed that's for sure:) And there's nothing wrong with having a plan . . . it's just that it was delightfully disrupted:)