Friday, May 9, 2008

The Fam

Bill came home tonight after a week of training. He is now an official Defensive Tactics instructor . . . and I don't think I've mentioned on our blog that he is also our small town's "officer of the quarter." He's had a busy couple of months, but he won't have to leave for training again for a long time . . . at least I hope not. We really miss him when he's gone.

Little man Ike is good company for me while Bill is gone. He tells me lots of stories, helps take care of Kate, and loves to join me in the cooking and cleaning. He wanted to have a picnic for dinner the other night so I let him set it all up. He spread his blanket on the floor and pressed out all the wrinkles. After that, he unloaded all of his favorite foods from the pantry and refridgerator. We sat among all the food and drank our smoothies:)

Kate is now all smiles and chatter. She adores her big brother and is content to sit and watch him. However, if he leaves the room . . . she wails!


Jordan said...

Congrats to Bill on becoming an instructor!!! And our town isn't that small, being Officer of the Quarter is a BIG DEAL!!!! To us it is, anyway :) Go BILL!!!!

S.May said...

Congrats, Bill!