Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My Mom must have realized that she was in for it after I was born . . . she didn't have any more kids after me:)

I was the kind of child who would hide when it came time for school, the kind of kid who said things that you hope your child never says, the kind of teenager who was incredibly sarcastic and was happiest secluded in my bedroom with freshly sharpened drawing pencils, bristol board, and music. Certain people told my Mother I was her "problem" child and those who didn't say that to her probably thought it. My Mom would smile and not say a word. She lived with me, she knew I was challenging, and yet she didn't just tollerate me. She loved me. She loved me enough to know that if she sent Dad in to deal with me, I would turn out just fine:) . . . My Mother is very wise.

I don't really know what people consider a "problem child." I guess everyone has a different description. If my Mom could have somehow known I would have "turned out okay" she probably would have been able to breathe a little easier when raising me. It's not easy being a mother and hearing you have a potential "problem child." Not very many people pour on the encouragement to young mothers, but rather beat them down with critisism. Lucky for me, my Mom was able to disregard the critisism -- she could care less what people said (unless maybe they'd already raised kids). Not only did I turn out okay, but my sisters are really great!

So thanks Mom for never giving up on me! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!


Willorith said...

Good People:
I too am a Parramore. My grandfather, Willie Everett Parramore lived in Marianna FL most of his life and Was born in Donaldsonville GA. He had two sons, W.E. Jr., my father, and Hubert. Hubert had two sons, Billy, and David. Billy may be another Willie Everett. I had trhree brothers that died, Jonathan, Daniel, And Benjamin. My two sisters are still living. Jennifer in St. Petersburg, and Aimee in Orlando. My name is Brian. I have a little company in Orlando called Parramore Foundry and Machine Works. We do industrial repair and custom fabrication.
Here in Orlando there is a Parramore Street, named after a mayor in the 1890's.

Bill, Vicki, Isaac, and Kate Parramore said...

To a fellow Parramore:

Since I am a Parramore by marriage, I am not sure what our family history is on the Parramore side. My husband is a William Parramore Jr.
P.s. I hope we didn't take the blog name you wanted:)