Monday, May 26, 2008

How I Met Your Father

I went on some pretty bad dates in college. Some dull and some incredibly dull. Some smart and some not so smart. Some hilarious and some dry. I'd try to stay awake through boys trying to make good impressions with their knowledge of microbiology, or their athletic achievements, or with poetry and letters. Seriously.

After quite a few ridiculous dates, I found myself trying to avoid the obvious boy walking nervously in circles around me. I'd try to act as if I didn't hear my name being called loudly by any voice sounding remotely male. I just couldn't bare trying to stay awake through another conversation about how accomplished yet another boy thought himself to be. Seriously.

. . . Bill was the boy who sat behind me in Lettering and Typography class. He was handsome and friendly. He mostly chatted with the girl who sat next to me so I didn't really think much about him . . . until I found myself sitting next to him at yet another church service (we were required to be at church three times a week). What a breath of fresh air! He was humble, confident, interesting, RELAXED, and dare I say relatively normal. I found myself agreeing to go out with him the next day without a second thought and actually looked forward to it! He's the only guy on campus that I ever agreed to a second date with and I enjoyed every minute of his company.

So here we are coming up on our sixth wedding anniversary. And today my Bill is more than the boy I fell in love with -- he's the man I dance in the kitchen with, the one who softly sings sweet songs off key in my ear, my favorite confidante, the one I steal kisses from, the one I can't help but watch without thinking how wonderful he's made my life.

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