Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's a Dad Thing

There's something so wonderful about how a father treats his children. The last two nights I've been admiring how extra loving and thoughtful Bill has been.

Ike has a nasty little cold and is not feeling very well -- especially when he lays down at night. Bill feels bad when Ike is sick so he sets up his room with the humidifier and rubs the Vick's vapor rub on his chest. He gets up every time Ike cries to check on him and to see if Ike needs anything. It's just really sweet 'cause as soon as he hears Ike he jumps out of bed and runs to his side. I just have an extra appreciation for my husband when I watch how gentle he is with the kids.

Anyway, Ike is on a speedy road to recovery. Doctor's orders are simple: chicken soup, fresh garlic, vitamin C, echinacea, and plenty of fluids. I try to be sneaky and put fresh garlic in the salsa and vitamins and echinacea in his orange juice. So far I haven't heard a complaint!

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