Friday, May 30, 2008

Treasured Table

So my Mom brought this table back from a yard sale a few years back. My Dad just shook his had and grinned in disbelief; he just couldn't believe that she paid twenty dollars for what he thought was a piece of junk. Now my Mom is a woman with a vision because this table had seen WAY better days. It was painted a dark green, the legs were warped with water damage and there was no shelf on the bottom nor a base to the drawer.

After I stripped the green paint off, my Dad put in the drawer base and shelf and cut off the legs to make it stand evenly. Of course with all the different woods that this table is composed of, it could not be stained properly (much to my delight). I was right there with my Mom: paint it and distress it! It might still be considered a piece of junk to some people, but to me it's a delightful little table filled with wonderful memories! It served as a coffee stand in our little appartment when Bill and I first got married and now it's a wonderful shelf to hold my recipe books and a few treasures.

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