Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love Those Little Ones!

There are no gifts in life quite as wonderful as the gift of new life. Maybe it's the soft cries, or the way a baby needs you so much, or maybe the fact that in one moment you are completely changed. How wonderful a gift to be given a child! How amazing the amount of love that grows in our hearts!

Our children came into our lives when God knew that we needed them the most. Sweet little Ike came into the world 65 days after we said goodbye to my father. He was a sweet gift of hope when our hearts were burdened with such deep sadness. I was in the room when my father took his last breath and I (of course) was there to hear the first breath of my baby boy. How much comfort and joy came from the breath of new life!

Bill and I found out we were pregnant in November 2006. All the excitement and joy we felt crumbled when the ultrasound revealed that our baby had no heartbeat. We were devastated and our hearts were broken. Yet in June 2007, God chose to reveal to us (two days before our fifth anniversary) that we would be having another baby. Now we are holding our precious baby Kate. Our hearts are indeed overflowing. And yes, they are healing.

No matter what age our "babies" are, they will always be our babies! Squeeze them and love them! Be patient and kind to them. Kiss them and encourage them! Life is the best gift. Cherish it.


Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes it is hard to remember to be patient with the little one we love so much.

Michael and Cristi said...

You write so well Vicki. You brought tears to my eyes. Heidi is right. It's such a good reminder! Thanks!

Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

I had tears too :)

Bill, Vicki, Isaac, and Kate Parramore said...

Mothers need loads of encouragement. You guys are such great mothers.