Saturday, May 17, 2008

Little Man Tales

"Scuse me, Mama. Scuse me."

I am not sure how long Ike was trying to interupt me and the computer, but I finally heard his gentle voice. Turning around I see his little angel face, complete with shiny cheeks and big, innocent eyes.

"Give me hugs!" he says with his arms wide open. Oh! I just love this little man!


Last night my peaceful little world turned crazy . . . for a little while.

While I was cooking dinner Bill called to tell me to make sure our door was locked because he'd just heard on the scanner that there was some crazy person a few doors up from us with a weapon. And he also said he wouldn't be making it home for dinner. Disappointed, I hung up the phone, made sure the door was locked, and returned to making dinner. Two minutes later I hear violent screams and little legs kicking in the air. No, it wasn't screaming from the people a few doors up from us. It was my little man locked in a corner. When I rescued him, I saw blood trickling down from his head. AHhhhhh! I kept calm and kept telling him that he was fine, but mostly I think I just needed to hear those words. I had to keep the blood cleaned up before Ike saw it otherwise the tears would really flow. So I got him cleaned, disinfected, and put oil on the wound (it stops the bleeding right away). In the meantime, the timer is ringing and Kate is crying for me to come feed her. Whew!

Anyway, things got back under control. And when Bill came home he asked Ike how he got his ouchie. His response was honest and cute: "Standing on the chair . . . CRASH! Big ouchie!" I love how much enthusiasm he has when he speaks:)

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